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EOS RED 灵境杀戮



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★ EOS RED, The Deadliest MMORPG ★
Taking place in the popular world of [EOS ONLINE], the story continues 50 years later!
Dive into the Massive Storyline spanning over 7 Continents and 58 regions now on Mobile.

▶ Join Intense Battles with Thrilling Visuals and Effects ◀
Build your strength and unleash powerful equipment through the “Chaos Dungeon”!

▶ Extensive Economy with Diverse Exchange Systems ◀
Full trade support for item exchange such as Marketplace or Parcel Mail.

▶ Start your Adventure to Hunt for the perfect equipment ◀
Weapons and Armor are only obtainable by hunting! giving equal for all!

▶ Wanted & Revenge Bounty System ◀
Enlist a powerful bounty hunter to fulfill your desire for justice and revenge!

▶ Hardcore Dungeons and Endless Battles ◀
Form an army with more than 70 players fighting simultaneous “Boss Dungeons”.

▶ Only the Fearless Will Reach the Top ◀
Prove your strength and gain Godly items through the PvE Dungeons, “Challenge Tower & Colosseum”.

▶ Hardcore Fun of Authentic MMORPG now on Mobile ◀
Feel the Thrill and Excitement of massive-scale field battles, “Territory War” and “Siege Warfare”.

▶ Don’t worry about AFK party members ◀
The unique “Leader Control System” allows the leader to directly control players in the party.


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