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About Us

YXC Gamer is an established global digital goods and services platform for gamers, game developers and publishers.

Since 2017

YXC Gamer


YXC Enterprise (JM0917318-W), formely known as YXC GAMER established in 2017, located in the state of Johor in Malaysia.
Our mainly products are game reloads, games point cards.

Man playing mobile video game on smartphone
The Journey Begins

Our Missions

  • To develop the best online game digital goods distribution platform.

  • To be a customer-centric company by provide best services to our partners and customers.

  • To empower gamers make a living playing games.

Our Vision

Develop the best online game digital goods distribution platform.

Customer Service Excellence

We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs with excellent service.


We act with integrity and honesty in all areas.


We treat our staff, customers, partners and suppliers with respect and sensitivity. We respect all individual and value their contribution.


Our team supports each other, care for each other both personally and professionally.